#RockingMotherhood Challenge

10 Ways That I’m Rocking Motherhood!

I say it all the time…”I’m totally winging this whole motherhood thing.” I spend half of my day trying to get my toddler to eat something other than hotdogs and cheese and the other half arguing about why he needs to keep his diaper on.

When my friend and fellow mom blogger, Little Bit Of Learning, challenged me to write out 10 ways that I’m rocking motherhood, I pushed it to the back of the writing pile. It’s difficult to boast about what you’re doing right when you’re constantly unsure of what you should be doing in the first place. Now with Mother’s Day here, I thought I’d give myself a little gift and brag away.

So here are just 10 ways that I’m rocking motherhood:

1. I got him to eat a vegetable!
I have a picky eater on my hands and it is frustrating. Rather than fighting to get him to eat right or letting him live on junk, I’ve gotten creative. By that, I mean I’ve gotten sneaky. I put veggies in smoothies, hide them in rice, or just coat them in cheese…and it works! This, my friends, is an accomplishment I deserve a medal for.

2. I survived the stomach bug (and other gross stuff).
I am so squeamish, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to handle the flu or the bumps and bruises that come with being a boy mom. But since becoming a mom I’ve really stepped up to the plate. I would face anything just to help my baby when he’s sick or hurt.

3. I don’t stand in the way of his independence.
My toddler is an independent soul. He wants to do things on his own and I’m okay with that. So when he wants to out his shoes on himself (even though it takes him 30 minutes and he usually needs my help in the end), I sit back and wait patiently. I’m here to support him as he grows, so I’ll accept him for his independence and be proud.

4. We keep busy.
I’m blessed with the job of being a stay at home mom. So with all of the time we have during the day I do my best to fill it with new experiences. We craft, go to the park, or have play dates. I want to fuel his curiosity and go on adventures with him while we have the time and the opportunity! It also keeps both of us from going stir crazy.

5. I surround BOTH of us with good friends.
I’m careful about who I let into my life and now as a military family this is even more important. Our friends become our family and I do my best to surround myself with fun, genuine, caring people. I want to teach my son to do the same, so as a toddler try to find friends for him who will set a good example. My hope is that this will help him make good choices when I’m not there to help him.

6. He is kind.
There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing your son go up to another kid who is upset so he can comfort them. The first time I saw him do something like this, I immediately thought to myself that we MUST be doing SOMETHING right.

7. I know when to back off and take a breath.
My son is as strong willed as I am. There are times when he’s having a tantrum or when he’s not listening and my patience is running out. Rather than getting into a shouting match with a 1 1/2 year old I stop and take a breath. I give us BOTH the time to chill out.

8. I’m not afraid to ask for help.
There are times in every mom’s life when she needs her own mom! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve called/texted my parents, or googled symptoms, or posted on fb for advice. I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t have all of the answers but that doesn’t stop me from doing everything I can to get them!

9. I accept my husband as my teammate.
Through all of the guessing and excitement of parenting, I know that I’m not in it alone. My husband is my partner and my rock. I’m a much more confident mom knowing he’s here to back me up.

10. I love my son unconditionally.
At the end of the day, after the teething, dirty diapers, and late nights, all that matters is that I have a happy, healthy, and thriving little boy. I am so thankful that he has made me into the mom who is able to sit here and write this. I love being a mom and I love my son more than I imagined possible.

I might not have it all figured out yet, but I think so far I really am Rocking Motherhood. I’ll keep doing my best and continue to appreciate the gifts that God has given me.

To all of you mama’s out there “winging it” right along with me, keep your head up and keep on MOMMING! Be proud and compliment yourself once in a while! Cheers mamas!

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Before you go, comment below with a way that YOU are #rockingmotherhood!

If you’d like to learn how to take your own #rockingmotherhood challenge visit White Camellias.


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