Even Moms Need a Time Out

“Me time”. We take it when we can get it; during naptime, at 11 PM when you know you should be catching up on sleep…even hiding in the bathroom.

As moms we dedicate our lives to our family and we do it proudly. There is no shame in loving what you do as a mother and wife but there’s also no shame in taking time for yourself. A “time out” of sorts. There’s nothing wrong with pretending you had to pee for 5 minutes so you could beat a few levels in Candy Crush. It’s okay to ask their dad to give them a bath so you can shower in peace. And there is definitely no harm in having hobbies that have nothing to do with your children or husband.

Here are a few of my favorite Mom Time Outs:

  1. Writing. Whether for my blog or for my working novel, writing can be a kind of therapy. It’s a time to reflect and grow or a chance to create a world in which I’m not “mama mama mama”. If something comes out of it, great! If not, then at least the room was very, very quiet for the moment.
  2. Coloring. Yes, coloring! A pastime not just for children anymore. They even make “mom life” coloring books (which I relate to on a frightening level) and “bad word” coloring books (for the moments when you’d like nothing more than to shout them out but can’t because little ears are always listening). Oh and the best part…there’s no one to tell you that you have to color in the lines!
  3. Shower. For no reason other than I can take the time to shave my legs. When I first had my son I would try to prop him up in the bathroom with toys, books, even snacks. While I may have had time to wash and condition my hair, a meltdown typically ensued by the time I picked that razor up. Now that I’m a more “seasoned” parent, I’ve learned to schedule my day so that a shower takes place at night (when my husband is home and can give my LO a bath). My husband taking over bathtime = quality time for father and son + quiet silky smooth leg time for mommy.

So there you have it! A mom’s version of a time out. It seems simple, but to a busy mom (whether you’re a SAHM or a working mama) those little moments make a world of difference on our overall happiness. What are some of your favorite mama time outs?

Take a moment to check out my review of the new Mom’s Night In subscription box! It’s another great way to unwind and relax!

Xoxo J.


2 thoughts on “Even Moms Need a Time Out

  1. Such a great post! I find that when I take “Me Time” I am a more patient and stronger parent. I have the energy to spend more time with my daughter and get the things I need to, done. Some of my favorite things to do are: Paint/Create art, go to a coffeeshop, and take a bath!

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    1. Yes, everyone needs to recharge (even superheroes like us moms!).

      Ooo a coffee shop is a good one! I like to find hole in the wall coffee shops whenever we move or go on a trip. There’s something so serene about them and the smell of coffee doesn’t hurt either!


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